Badminton Pole - Champion Sports Volleyball & Badminton Set: Net, Poles, Ball, Rackets & Shuttlecocks - Portable Equipment For Outdoor, Lawn, Beach & Tournament Games


COMPLETE SET Everything you need for an intense game of volleyball or badminton comes in this premium set, including aluminum poles, a mesh net, a high-quality ball, 4 rackets and 4 birdies. This set is ideal for seasoned players, clubs, rec leagues and tournaments. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY Our rugged outdoor sports equipment is designed to withstand the elements and years of high-intensity play. The poles have a heavy-duty black powder coating to endure even the most powerful smashes, and the net has waterproof tarpaulin tapes. Even the carrying case is strong enough to take a beating. TOURNAMENT GRADE If you’re serious about playing like a professional, this Champion Sports Tournament Series set is for you. All equipment is regulation size, including the mesh nylon netting, the 1.5 inch diameter poles that reach 8.2 feet in height, and the 128-foot boundary line. PORTABLE Perfect for outdoor games and the beach, this portable volleyball net set is quick to assemble and take down, either in grass or sand. The weather-resistant case makes the set convenient to carry and transport. FUN PARTY GAME Even if you’re not quite ready for club or tournament play, this volleyball and badminton set can provide hours of fun and entertainment for adults, kids or the whole family at a summer barbecue, birthday party or picnic. - Champion Sports Tournament Series Volleyball and Badminton Set - Two 3-Piece Black Powder Coated Adjustable Aluminum Poles, 1.5 Inches in Diameter and up to 8.2 Feet in Height - 4-Foot, 24-ply Mesh Net with Tarpaulin Tapes - 4 Aluminum Tournament-Quality Rackets - 2 Tournament-Quality, Goose Feather Shuttlecocks/Birdies - 2 Nylon Practice Shuttlecocks - Premium Volleyball and Pump - Four 10-Inch Steel Stakes - Two 23-Foot, Double-Braided Guy Lines - 180-Foot by 1.2-Inch Boundary Line - Weather-Resistant Case

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