Best Bocce Ball Set - Deluxe Bocce Set W/ Carrying Case


The Seasonal Industries 100mm Deluxe Bocce Set dominates backyard fun. Brightly colored balls help to clearly distinguish teams, and a lighter weight makes this set perfect for bocce beginners. According to the Bocce Standards Association, the International Standard ball is 107mm (4.2 inches) and weighs 920 grams (2 pounds). A bocce ball that is smaller than 100mm is typically best for children or for beginners. This size is easiest to handle and toss. Tournament bocce balls will range between 107mm and 115mm. The occasional backyard player will most likely appreciate a size somewhere between 100mm and 110mm. Eight 100mm bocce balls. 40mm pallino. Carrying case. Set of rules. Ideal for the family.

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