Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer - Jade Healing Stone Gua Sha & Massage Cream Bundle By Jadience | Myofascial Release | Muscle & Joint Topical Analgesic Relief | Sore Body Therapy | Natural Tension Relaxer For Pain Management Treatment


We have made this fantastic bundle for your convenience to elevate your massage therapy to the next level. The ergonomic fish shaped gua sha allows you to expertly apply pressure for better trigger point release, fighting of adhesions, and reducing atrophy. Our innovative hypoallergenic formula helps the gua sha glide seamlessly, and the traditional oriental herbs increase circulation to help bruising from treatment disappear quicker than ever before! Between gua sha treatments when using hand manipulation, the herbs will absorb into the practitioner's hands also easing the annoying aches, soreness, and paresthesia which often occurs after a long day of helping patients. This combo can even be used to self-treat for sore back, neck, arms, legs, body, and chronic pain conditions. Gua sha therapy stimulates peripheral nerves, improves local circulation of blood and lymph, speeds metabolism, promotes nutritional supply, and regulates immune function through the nerve-endocrine-immunoregulation network. Therefore, gua sha therapy is very helpful for body massage, cellulite treatment, scar removal, skin care, treating muscle pain, and much more! Having the herbal mastery to harness the highly effective powers of adaptogenic herbs and micro-pulverized jade powder, all of our products are designed for maximum effectiveness in providing you with a completely balanced condition. Jade is known to increase circulation and qi which increases liver and kidney filtration, removes toxins faster, improve cell regeneration, and can help lower blood pressure. Gua Sha is average size and weight. 4.75" length x 1.38" width x .19" thick. 1.25 oz. Colors may vary from very light green Jade to green Jade. See images for quality so you know you can buy this bundle with confidence. Jadience Muscle & Joint Massage Cream comes in an 8oz bottle and has a light and pleasant aroma. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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