Bocce Court - Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set-solid Color- Made In Italy


Set comes with 8 Official Size balls 107mm 1 white Pallina 50mm Rugged Nylon carry bag Bocce Rules printed on card Each ball is laser engraved made in Italy. These balls are the best multi player set you can buy, period!! Note that the grooves are not white (shows much cheaper material) as you will see on a US made set like St Pierre or Epco or like Chinese imports from Park n Sun, Sportcraft etc. Because a set is called tournement, professional, deluxe etc does not mean it is. Don't be duped buy the best, PERFETTA the best Italian made bocce set. Perfetta is the preferred choice of champions, pro players and has been the official ball of the World Bocce Championship for more than 15 years. They are the most popular choice for clubs and the growing number of dedicated Bocce facilities around the US (e.g. Campo di Bocce-CA, Palazzo di Bocce-MI). If you have a home court or regularly play at a bocce venue, or if you want to give a set to a player who wants the the best, then these are perfect. Special blend solid composition balls. Warranted for 10 YEARS!! They will not split or crack. This has never happened in all the years we have sold these balls. If somehow you manage to break a ball we will replace the damaged ball for just the cost of shipping.

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