Cheap Softball Cleats - Ankle Brace - 2 Protectors In 1 Bundle Of Soft Compression Support With Strap And Breathable Neoprene Stabilizer - Treatment Of Sprained Ligament, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendon - Sports And Daily


Ådæsen Ankle Support 2in1 Bundle We specially combined best ankle support designs into 1 bundle to give our customers best solution. Each pair gives separate type of compression. But in combination these ankle supports will 100% protect and support your injured feet. Medically proven effect to treat ankle stretch, swollen ankle, ligament and joint wrench, foot twist, muscle tear, muscle inflammation, heel spurs, edema and blood flow disorder. Light design for active life Designed for active people who likes sport, hiking, traveling and simply daily use. Long straps let you precisely compress hurt parts of feet and control pressure to improve blood circulation and reduce pain. Soft and thin material gives you comfort and perfect fit. Open heel, breathable compression sleeve is totally invisible in shoes. Neoprene velcro design for ideal ankle protection Neoprene ankle protection brace is medically proven treatment for injured ankles. Use velcro to fix brace in best position to support and stabilize your ankle and foot muscles. This product is suitable for treatment of achilles tendon, tibia, fibula, talus, posterior inferior tibial ligament, anterior inferior tibiofobular and talofibular ligaments Open heel design and breathable material will let you feel more comfortable. Thick material used to secure your feet from repeated injury. Product MeasuresAnkle support length: 8,7 inchesAnkle support height: 6,3 inchesAnkle support sleeve's strap length: 23,6 inches Ankle support sleeve height: 7,1 inchesPackage content:2 ankle support neoprene brace with 2 velcro (left, right) 2 ankle support sleeve with strap (with velcro)

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