Digimon Fusion Toys - Bandai Digimon Xros Wars Loader


Product Description TV animation mobile training items that heroes are used in the "Digimon Fusion," "Digimon Cross loader" appeared! Training available Digimon 20 bodies!, Available Digimon 200 bodies. Furthermore Digimon series's first color LCD with !! (1.44 inches, one screen up to use color number 256 colors) [Product Features] POINT.1 "Digimon reload from the speech": the "Digimon Cross loader" to the various sounds of personal belongings holding up and, analysis of the sound data POINT.2 "team made corps in Battle":!!!! gathered Digimon make the original team was, fighting, aggression, Quest capture further in Digimon cross new Digimon Umidaseru communication by infrared competition can also be POINT.3 "legendary Digimon summoned by Dejimemori!":! Digimon special plate "Dejimemori" which is inserted into the cross-loader can activate the legendary Digimon summoning skills are also included in the Soft Vinyl and cross-Figure Series (sold separately) ! POINT.4 play expansion in the "Digimon code crown (sold separately)":! just set the Digimon code crown a built-in, such as a new quest, rapidly spread the play of Digimon cross loader POINT.5 "Music Player also "to:!, not sold separately Digimon code and plug into Digimon cross loader to put your favorite music on the crown music player to turn into just a game machine, practical items used batteries for everyday use:! single 3 ~ 2 ( sold separately)

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