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|| MYOFASCIAL RELEASE || If you've ever used tennis balls before, you know the muscle and soft tissue release you can get from a well-placed massage ball is phenomenal - the problem is how to hold the massage balls in the right place! That's just what the Body Track (patents pending) does, holds the balls in place so you can relax knowing where the balls are and knowing you're safe. To see it in action, watch the free online instructional videos on our website. Watch them and learn to do your own deep tissue self-massage on your back, glutes, hamstrings, calves, shins, feet, arms, chest and shoulders with our tool for guiding massage balls. || ACUPRESSURE / TRIGGER POINT THERAPY || The Body Track is very simple but gives you great versatility with a variety of ball spacing options and the ability to change pressure instantly by swapping massage balls of varying size and hardness. With it, you'll melt your trigger points away and get relief when you need it, not when your therapist has an opening. Recommended and used by physical therapists and massage therapists. The perfect gift for your athlete / yoga friends or anyone with painful muscles and tendons. It's very helpful for RSI and other chronic pain treatment including tendinitis and tendinosis. Check out the independent expert reviews available on our website. Massage Track is your ticket if you want to release tight muscles safely and easily using the same techniques employed by the best therapists and chiropractors. || NOTE, BALLS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY || The Body Track will with your own lacrosse, hockey, tennis or baseballs. But, it'll work even better with the Massage Track massage ball set, specifically designed for the track, but sold separately. * Always consult a doctor before starting any new exercise or therapy routine.

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