Horse Games For Ps3 - Striker Beach Volleyball Spike Game | Includes Ball (3) Net & Pump & Carry Bag | Exciting Fast Paced Outdoor Lawn Games | Perfect For Backyard, Beach, Tailgate | Fun For Kids Adults Family


What is Striker? Striker is a 4 player game that pits two teams against each other in a fast paced, circular competition that is comparable to both Volleyball and Four square. Striker is played with a low net, roughly ankle height, and small, bouncy balls. Points are scored when your opponent is unable to return the ball by bouncing it on the net. Once the ball is served onto the net, a team has 3 volleys, like volleyball, to bounce the ball back across the net to the opposing team. The first team to score 21 points wins. Striker has no "sides" so you are free to move around the net once the ball has been served. There are no out of bounds in Striker, so it is best played on the beach or lawn to allow for jumping, diving, and extreme plays. Striker is an exciting alternative to cornhole, bag toss, frisbee, horseshoes, and bottle bash. Yard games adults and children both enjoy are difficult to come by. Forget about the ring toss, bean bag toss, horse shoes, washers, cornhole and dice: Striker is the family backyard game you've been waiting for. A lawn game for kids and for adults alike. The game is portable, and everything you need fits in an included carrying bag, making it the ideal game for all of your Summer events. Includes: 1 Striker target 3 Balls 1 Pump with Needle Instruction Manual 1 Carrying Bag Striker is easy to pack up and bring to the beach, parties, and tailgates. With an attractive carrying bag, your Striker set can go anywhere you go. It is a great workout and perfect for those cross training for Lacrosse, Tennis, Beach Volleyball Ultimate Frisbee, or Crossfit . Our tight net design can be easily utilized for competitive game play between adults and older kids. The tight net also increases bounce, making the game more fun for little ones. Pick up a set today and Spike, Slam, & Strike your way to victory!

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