Indoor Ball Pit For Toddlers - Pepeco Inflatable Ball Pit Playpen Pop Up Play Tent For Kids Toddler Indoor With Basketball Hoop And Inflatable Bouncers


Kids Playpen Play Small Tent Ball Pit Pool with Red Zippered Storage Bag for Toddlers, The product is designed for stimulates the children's Imagination, Encourage their Color Perception and Shape Recognition and even cultivate them to be Independent and Coordinate. Specifications: Unfold size: 39.4 X 24X 16.9 inches. Material: Soft waterproof polyester fabrics and high-strength memory steel holder. Comes with a pump. When you use it just inflate the tank. release air when you do not, save your space. Feature: Easy open and set up- Comes with a compact zippered storage bag Indoor and outdoor play- light weight, easy to carry around The size fits for two kids (1 - 4 years old) inside; Folded product, please be careful when open it (Note: Play Balls are Not Included, Please Get Away from Fire) Package includes: 1 x Ball pit playpen 1 x Inflatable tank 1 x pump Good To Know: Please expand it carefully because the product can bounce open quickly Pay attention to product folding method Please get away from fire This product should be applied on the ground with a blanket or not too slippery in case of accident. Note: DO NOT use the product in high drop areas, such as stairs.

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