Lining Badminton Rackets - Li-ning Woods N90-ii Badminton Racquet


Initially made popular by its most visible endorser, 2-time defending Olympic Gold medalist Lin Dan, the Woods N90-II racquet from Li-Ning has lived up to its cult-favorite status. It is widely lauded for possessing unusually solid maneuverability for a racquet with such extreme head heaviness, making it an excellent defending racquet for singles-player. Its extra stiff shaft aids in producing shots with laser-like precision. The N90-II is the ideal racquet for attacking-minded badminton players. It is a more forgiving racquet than its predecessor, the N90-I, and is suitable for a wide range of players, including intermediate level and pro-am players. Buyer will receive, as a holiday special, their choice of a pack of Li-Ning Accupower 62 badminton strings in either yellow, white, or silver.

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