Robot Meccano - Meccano Junior Advanced Toolbox, 8 Model Kit


Challenge the boundaries of your child’s imagination as they discover elements of real engineering with the Meccano Junior Advanced Toolbox! Help them develop early logic and hand motor skills while creating 8 different models, including a Dump Truck, Crane, Excavator and Windmill. They can build one of 8 models or, create their own! With real working mechanics every build in the set moves in it’s own way. All 88 pieces, including wheels, a real hex tool and wrench, can be conveniently stored in the plastic Toolbox so kids can carry the set wherever they go! Construct a model Dump Truck or Excavator to make way for new developments! Rebuild the model as a Windmill, to generate power for your town! Easy to follow step-by-step instructions are provided so little hands can piece together large connecting pieces with snap-on clipping screws and add on wheels. Display or play with the creation, then rebuild one of the 8 models, or make an original design! Introduce your child to the mechanical wonders of the world as they bring construction models to life with the Meccano Junior Advanced Toolbox set. The future is yours to build with Meccano!

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