Sports Direct Punch Bag - Mma Punch Mitts, Focus Pads Pads Takashi 1 Pair (curved Pads) Karate, Kempo, Taekwondo Strike Targets


MMA Training Focus Pads Pre-Curved, Product Features Power Center Padding to Absorb Strikes Ultra Durable MMA Strikke Pads Slightly Curved to Sharpen Striking Accuracy Hand Pockets Ergonomically Designed for a Snug Fit Super Lightweight Sold as Pair (2 Mitts) - An INCREDIBLE Value MMA's Contoured Padded Punch Focus Mitts are the premier mitts on the market for training your strike accuracy and power. Takashi MMA premium multi-layered impact foam, these punch mitts can take a punch. The ergonomic hand pockets fit snuggly on your hands and allow you to move the mitts with your hands seamlessly. TAKASHI MMA Strike mitt gives you more stability and increases strike absorption on true-center strikes. Sold as a pair - 2 mitts . Grab these today and get training with premium Takashi MMA equipment.

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