Sports Direct Punch Bag - Nite Ize Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Tie, 6-inch, Lime, 2-pack


Nite Ize - Reusable Gear Ties -- What can you bundle, organize, tie or store up? Our Reusable Gear Tie 2 Packs have as many uses as you can dream up! With a soft rubber exterior that is colorful, UV resistant and holds shape, our reusable ties are cable ties, cord organizers and more, for home, office, garage, boat, yard, camping, cars and trucks, or anywhere else that needs organization. - - - Available in a range of colors, these rubber twist ties work great as cable ties or cord organizers that add a punch of color, and help you stay organized with color-coding. A strong internal wire and soft rubber exterior makes for a durable, UV resistant, reusable, waterproof gear tie that holds shape and provides excellent grip. Create a loop at one end, thread another Gear Tie through it, twist to close and connect multiple Gear Ties together to make custom lengths or configurations. And, because they can be configured and reconfigured hundreds of times, Gear Ties are nearly endlessly useful. - - - Gear Ties have a soft rubber exterior that won't scratch, mark or ding. Choose from 6", 12", 18", 24", or 32" to ensure you get the exact size you need for your organization project.

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