Star Wars X Wing Tabletop - Starfield Gaming Mat (4ft X 3ft)


This Starfield gaming mat is a high resolution space battle mat for use with your favourite space battle miniature wargame, when you want a nice high definition starfield without the clutter of nebulae, planets, asteroids or other near-space features. Our space battle playmats, such as this Starfield gaming mat, are suitable for use with many different tabletop miniature wargames, such as Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, Firestorm Armada, Star Fleet Attack Wing, and Battlefleet Gothic. This Starfield gaming mat, like all of our playmats, is made from a high quality PVC material that is slightly textured on the underside, to help to resist against unwanted slippage. If you like this Starfield gaming mat, dont hesitate to browse our full selection of space gaming mats!

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