Trick Kite - Prism Jazz Stunt Kite, Fire


The Jazz is the perfect intro to the addictive sport of dual line kiting. Simple, rugged and affordable, the Jazz outperforms every entry level kite in its class and flies with the ease and control of a larger kite. It’s a zippy little wing that packs up small, so take it everywhere. Leave it in the car, at the beach house, strapped to your motorcycle... because you never know when the wind will urge you to head out for a fly. The Jazz’s deep wing profile and tough glass/carbon hybrid frame means you can hand it off to anyone - your kids, your sweetie, or that interested bystander - and know you’ll get it back in one piece. In the air, it’s quick but remarkably stable and easy to control, even for a low-time pilot. Engineered and built to the same obsessive standards as our top-end equipment, it’s a simple, compact little gem that will get you up and flying with a grin. Designed for beginners, the Jazz has a 55-inch wing span but folds down to 25 inches long so it can be packed in a suitcase or backpack. Easy instructions are printed on the kite’s case so they're always handy. Quick, stable, and easy to control, the kite will fly in winds as low as 5 mph, a plus for inland pilots, and also perform in winds up to 25 mph, a plus for beach pilots. The kite's ready-to-fly package includes Spectra lines, flight straps and line winder.

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